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To Be (on Facebook) Or Not To Be!

To be (on Facebook) or not to be!

Does Facebook influence the buying cycle of a digital traveler? How can the Hotel Business exploit the limitless power of that huge network? The HotelBrain‘s Associates “Mozaik Digital Marketing Team” give all the answers. In an article for… many likes!

Facebook Search for the Hotel Business

The substance of Facebook lies on the quantity and the quality of its users and of course, the data gathered by them. The question is simple. How can the Hotel Business exploit the limitless power of that huge network when there are so many ads and sponsored stories fighting for a place on the user’s newsfeed? The answer is by optimizing the Hotel’s presence, relevance and incentives.

Other than a social network website, Facebook also offers a mobile version and advanced location-based features enabling businesses to be visible when a user is actually looking for them.

The second largest app usage for local search -after Google.*

The “Nearby search” function was a friend finder tool through which users could actually see where their friends were on the map. Now, Facebook Local search has become the tool where users can find local business recommendations along with map directions and a list of their friends who “liked” this particular business. As the last minute booking has become the new trend for smartphone users, it is clear that local search will drive more business and growth.

Still not convinced that Facebook can influence the buying cycle of a digital traveler?

52% of Facebook users stated that seeing pictures from their friends’ vacations inspired them to book a trip to that particular place**

Wrap up

Facebook is one of the most important Social Networks through which Hotel Businesses can benefit by having an active presence and a solid strategy. The power of local and graph search is the key component where community-generated information helps users to travel.

How to get started:

  • Search for your Local Place on Facebook
  • If you can’t find it listed, create it and optimize it with proper descriptions and photos
  • Encourage your visitors/fans to check-in

* Comscore Study


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